Kathe Kouti metrai_Athens bike festival

Athens Bike Festival 2014: Fast pedal to Recycling!

“Kathe Kouti Metrai” joined Athens Bike Festival 2014! Under the auspice of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change nothing could stop us from recycling Every Can! Not even the rain! More than 30000 visitors at the Athens Bike festival made Every Can Count! We pedal fast to Athens Bike Festival 2015 and till […]

“Kathe Kouti Metrai” at Moraitis Sports Club!

Moraitis Sports Club welcomes visitors 365 days/year and from now on recycles cans under the support of “Kathe Kouti Metrai” Greece! We provided with collection boxes and we branded this worth visiting beach bar/sports club. “Moraitis” is more than a heaven close to the city, the ideal destination for all sea and beach sports as […]