KKM_Ti kanoumeEvery Can Counts aims to help people recycle the drinks cans they use when they are at work, college or just ‘out and about’.

We help employees to recycle at work, we help students to recycle at college, as we also help to recycle cans at events like music festivals or at tourist attractions. We are here to help anyone who wants to get their staff, customers or visitors to recycle drinks cans wherever they are.

One in every 3 drinks cans sold in the UK is drunk outside the home. The metal these cans are made from is endlessly recyclable, so it’s important that it is saved rather than dumped. Especially when you consider that each can could be recycled and be back on sale as another can – in just 60 days.

Every drinks can recycled cuts the carbon footprint of the next can made – so every can recycled really does count!

We might not be in the habit of recycling much at home, but it’s even more difficult to find and use recycling points when we’re on the go. “Kathe Kouti Metrai” has been developed by the drinks can manufacturing and recycling industry to help try and bridge that gap, increase the number of can recycling points and raise the recycling rate for can recycling.

In the last 5 years we have set up over 4000 recycling points across the UK to encourage the recycling of drinks cans.

Kathe Kouti Metrai helps all types of organisations to start recycling drinks cans, and can also help to promote recycling to staff and customers. We can help with finding a recycling service provider, or simply provide free resources such as our stickers to liven up your existing recycling bins, posters for display boards and information for your company intranet.

Users of Every Can Counts don’t just find their drinks cans recycling improves when they implement the programme, in fact the impact of the programme boosts collections of other recyclables, like paper and plastic. Our case studies section tells some of their stories.

You are welcome to join “Kathe Kouti Metrai” and make every can count with the joined forces of our European colleagues.