Κάθε Κουτί Μετράει_Ανακύκλωση Αλουμινίου_ΕπιχειρήσειςWelcome to Kathe Kouti Metrai, and congratulations on taking the first step to demonstrating your commitment to sustainable business.
Introducing recycling in the workplace is an effective and visible way to make a positive impact and stand out in your business. It shows employees, clients and suppliers that you are responsible, prepared to invest in the future and up to speed with modern business. As an added bonus, businesses that get involved typically find that what’s good for the environment is good in the bottom line, as it does save money into the bargain.
In the last 5 years Kathe Kouti Metrai (as Every Can Counts) has helped over 1700 organisations set up drinks can recycling in over 4000 locations across the UK. With over 10,000 collections points in workplaces, shopping centres, hospitals and also at outdoor events, more people than ever before have access to our recycling programme.
Kathe Kouti Metrai (as Every Can Counts) has already helped a wide range of organisations – from large corporate companies to public sector organisations to SMEs – to set up recycling facilities in the workplace. We can help you find contractors, install the right collection boxes, and even help you to promote the scheme to staff once its implemented, so why don’t you get involved and start making sure Every Can Counts today?