KKM_Ιδιωτης2What happened to the last drinks can you finished? If you were at home you probably put it in with the rest of your recycling and it was collected by your Council; but what if you were at work or uni, or just out and about?

Kathe Kouti Metrai is working with a huge range of organisations to help them provide drinks can recycling facilities for their staff and customers, whatever their business: In offices, factories, schools, universities and colleges, town centres and retail parks. We’re even helping to get people recycling when they are on the beach or enjoying a music festival.

If you consider that every can you recycle could be back on sale as another can in just 60 days, and that by recycling that can you’re saving natural resources, and cutting greenhouse gas emissions, recycling does make perfect sense.

So if you’re interested in recycling and want to know how you can play your part in keeping the recycling loop going, we hope you’ll become a supporter of Kathe Kouti Metrai – you can do that just by using recycling facilities wherever you happen to be, and getting friends and family to do the same.

You can also help by encouraging your employer to start (or improve) the recycling service they provide at work, and persuading your colleagues to actively recycle. All the information you need is on this site, and if you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you can share your recycling experiences with others who think like you.

You can also share ideas and get information and advice from others like you by joining our new LinkedIn group. You will there find professionals who do their bit and care about making their can count.

Kathe Kouti Metrai will help you every step of the way.

So sign up, join in and help us make a difference!