Special Honour and Silver Award @Waste & Recycling Awards 2015

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“Kathe Kouti Metrai”, the Greek branch of the European Every Can Counts programme, won the Silver Award in the category of Circular Economy. In addition, “Kathe Kouti Metrai” received a Special Honour for its outward orientation and cooperation with European recycling and awareness increasing organizations. All these, during the Greek “Waste & Recycling Awards 2015.”

Both the Silver Award and the Special Honour are very important for “Kathe Kouti Metrai” and its efforts to educate on can recycling since June 2014, when the new programme was actually launched in Greece

The awards ceremony took place in a gala atmosphere on Thursday 17th December, at the Athenaeum InterContinental hotel in Athens, Greece.

Always following the marketing guidelines of the European “Every Can Counts” programme, and always implementing them in the Greek demanding area, the Greek “Every Can Counts” branch, “Kathe Kouti Metrai”, is here to educate on beverage can recycling and sensitize in a creative and “fun” way.

Regarding the nomination for the award of “Circular Economy”, more than a few practices are taking place within that specific frame. “Kathe Kouti Metrai”, on one hand creatively educates on the “can recycling” effect on circular economy, and simultaneously, actively encourages and supports outside home beverage can recycling. To achieve these, “Kathe Kouti Metrai” is always seeking to choose solutions that combine both effectiveness and education on sustainability and circular economy.

With an eye on the European “Every Can Counts” marketing guidelines, “Kathe Kouti Metrai” creates educating material that includes informative diagrams, videos and more communication tools that simplify the process of circular economy and make it more comprehensible for the common man. “Kathe Kouti Metrai” reaches target groups of all ages and, while trying to raise awareness for recycling beverage or beer cans, at the end of the day it always finds itself promoting sustainability and circular economy.

The #ΤοΝουΣου (=KeepInMind) hashtag Facebook campaign and the “Snake Game” were the main tools “Kathe Kouti Metrai” used to promote the recycling of beverage and beer cans someone uses outside home. Both tools aim at the interactive communication through which kids and adults will get concerned about producing more with less. The well-known quote «do more with less», is the fundamental principal of circular economy.

Both the “Silver Award in the category of Circular Economy” as well as the “Special Honour regarding its outward orientation and cooperation with European recycling and awareness increasing organizations” received at the Waste & Recycling Awards 2015 will motivate “Kathe Kouti Metrai” to keep its commitment to increase awareness in can recycling and recycle Every Can; because every beverage or beer can can be endlessly recyclable into a new beverage or beer can and that is the perfect example of circular economy. Every Can Counts!

“Kathe Kouti Metrai”, the Greek branch of “Every Can Counts” is travelling all around Greece.

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